Thursday, August 7, 2008

april 7th - august 7th, 124 days later...

the past 4 months have been a blur...

we appreciate everything that all of you have done for us, including reading this blog.

trish reads all the comments and really takes them to heart. to everyone that has sent/brought flowers, cards, dinner, diapers, groceries, thoughts, prayers, shared personal stories, experiences, mowed the lawn and even offered to walk bella, we really, really, really thank all of you.

i know we are kinda slow at returning calls, returning emails and even returning dishes...
but please dont confuse that with us not being grateful.

we truly are thankful and indebted to have so many folks who care about us.

we know this is a big reason why the past 4 months have seemingly gone by so fast.


trish, caden, oak & bella


Anonymous said...

Trisha, 124 days of strength and grace. Oak, thank you for opening up your life to all of us. I admire you both for the way you have forged through this challenge - still managing to mix laughter into your day. I think about you every day, and you are the star of our prayers. I am with you in spirit and am sending all my good thoughts your way.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely amazing! You're strength, courage and positive attitude are an inspiration to all of us. Mia is so right, thanks to Oak and the family for keeping us all updated on this crazy journey. We love you and send you lots of hugs and postive thoughts.
Lyndee, Tim, Ella, Sophia & Caleb

Anonymous said... and your family have been blessed with so much love and is truly a reflection of the strong, courageous human being that you are. Before we know it...we will both have the freedom we once had before all this came along. I build much inspiration from you. I am truly blessed for meeting you. Keep up the fight!!!

Staying strong-

Anonymous said...

you guys are the glue that is holding our family together the way we have known it our whole lives, plus, we love you guys.


Monica Conniff said...

Trisha - 124 days of kicking some serious cancer butt!! You are such an amazing woman and an inspiration to all of us! You and Oak have both continued to be so positive and have showed such strength and courage through dealing with this - I am in awe! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys!! See you soon (tonight :-)). xoxo Matt & Mon

Lipgloss Lovah said...

I think it has already been said so many different ways but I will say it again. You two are amazing. You have taken all of this in stride, fought through the good, bad and ugly. Trisha, you inspire everyone everyday to be a better person. I love you both!!!