Friday, November 21, 2008

the final pathology report...

one of trish's drains kinda sprang a leak this morning, so we headed over to our favorite surgical oncologist this afternoon for her to take a look.

ended up being a non issue. dr. jeffrey cleaned out some clotting in the tube, put some new bandages on trish, and she is good to go until monday morning, when dr. jeffrey will remove the drains for good.

before dr. jeffrey took a gander at trish's drains, she handed me a sheet of paper, it was trish's final pathology report.

dr. jeffrey asked me to read it aloud to trish, and this is what i read...

No residual carcinoma is seen in the right mastectomy specimen. No tumor is seen in eighteen total lymph nodes (0/18); however, several lymph nodes demonstrate scarring and infiltration by foamy histiocytes suggesting possible involvement prior to therapy.

the english version:
the breast tissue and 18 lymph nodes removed from trish WERE NOT CANCEROUS anymore... not even possible micro-metastasis the pet-ct, mri, mammogram & ultrasound may have missed.

several lymph nodes appeared to possibly have been cancerous in the past, but the chemo, herceptin & trish's determination kicked cancer's ass.

without the mastectomy, lymph node dissections and subsequent biopsies, we would not know with 100% certainty if the cancer truly was gone or not.

now we know.

it brings tears to my eyes as i type:

Trish is in complete pathological remission

it shall be celebration ale tonight...


trish is out & about spending money everyday, so i guess that means she is feeling great.. :)


Bobby Jo said...

I cried when Claudia called me last night. She said this news was our Anniversary present!! It sure was! Now reading your words, Oak, I am crying again! Tears of utter happiness for you all. Congratulations! We love you kids,
Bobby Jo & John

Unknown said...

WOO HOO!!!! I am beyond happy for you guys. You beat it! We knew you could do it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news...even though we knew it. You did are a true SURVIVOR.

Now I need to go find some tissue :-).

Staying strong-

Anonymous said...

Simply fantastic news, so very happy for you. A special Happy Thanksgiving to all! Anne

Anonymous said...

YEAHHHHHH!!!!! I'm so elated with the great news!!. Oak thanks for being such a great husband to Trish, it goes without say. Your exquisite..(google it.) LOL.. Trisha what can I say.. I love you.

Jackie and Bessi

Anonymous said...

Trisha, Oak and Caden,
You have been on quite an adventure and I am so happy to read that it is beginning to wind down. You are so courageous and inspirational. I hope you enjoy the holiday season with all your family and friends. You have a lot of celebrating to do and I love to hear that you have started with good old Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Anonymous said...

Dear Oak, Trisha, Caden and the Barrett family,

While you probably don't remember me Oak, my daughter & you attended UMC preschool together. Your Mom & I lost contact with each other about 4 yrs. ago years but reconnected last yr. through Weight Watchers.

As a lurker, I've followed your blog each week.

Oak you are an incredible man, husband, father & son.If we had sons I would hope they would have had the love for family as you have. Your love ,support & pride for your wife & son shine through your words. You are to be admired for being a true MAN.

Trisha God Bless & keep you under His wing. You are an amazing young woman & I wish you smooth travels ahead and many,many years of love,comfort and joy with Oak and Caden.


Anna Murphy & family

Anonymous said...

Trisha I'm totally crying right now (I don't cry). I knew this already, but reading it is just completely overwhelming. I'm so happy for you, words cannot express.
Thank you for sharing with me.
Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news! Trisha, I am thrilled for you. You and your family have been a true example of strength, fight and faith. You are my hero....Your smile and optimism inspire me. I love you and will keep you all in my prayers!
Love Mia

Yvonne Stone said...

Hi Trish and family - This is such great news and I'm so happy to hear/read that you all are doing much better! Congratulations! You're truly an inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I am so happy for Trish. You are an amazing women.
Love, Molly (swanson)