Monday, November 2, 2009

expansion, part 2

trish, ria and i headed over to stanford today for trish's second round of expansion.

we met with nurse kathy, and now that we know the procedure, it only took a few minutes to complete. we spend more time in the waiting room than we do in the exam room.

during surgery, dr. lee initially filled trish's expanders with 200 cc's of saline.

last week nurse kathy added 50 cc's on the right side and 100 cc's on the left.

today, kathy added 75 to the right and 100 to the left.

so the current tally is:

left: 400 cc's

right: 325 cc's

the right side is the cancer/radiation/lat flap side, so they are expanding this side a little slower than the left side. trish really felt all 75 cc's in her right side today. its an odd pressure that is hard to explain, but it is discomforting enough for her to take a vicodin for the first time in a couple weeks.

all in all trish is continuing to do great. she is feeling better with each day, and aside from lifting heavy things and overreaching for something, she is pretty close to normal. she is back to taking caden to school by herself, and later in the week she has a third interview with Myriad for a sales position handling the BRACAnalysis breast cancer genetic test product.

trish's next expansion will be monday, november 16th.

thanks for checking in...


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is doing well! job interview WOW! fantastic! looks like things are finally on the up n' up!

Monya & Russ

Monica Conniff said...

Thanks for the updates Oak! So glad everything is going so well and that Trish is feeling good.

Good luck with the interview, Trishy! Hope to see you soon. xoxo