Thursday, April 22, 2010

surgery update...

2:30pm update (that came at 10:00pm)

we got home at 2:30pm... trish is doing awesome. a little groggy as expected, but doing really well...

by the evening time, she was up walking around and getting some food in her.

trish got into bed by herself, and we both looked at each other, because she has not been able to do that in surgeries past...

things are good...

thanks for all the well wishes everyone..

ill give another update tomorrow evening..

12:30pm update

dr. lee came out at 12:25pm and let us know that he was all done, and trish did great. she is in recovery now, and hopefully we can see her in the next couple hours...

12:00pm update

trish's surgery officially began at 11:00am this morning, and is scheduled for two hours.

after surgery, she will be in recovery for ~2 hours, and then we will be able to bring her home.

so im hoping by 4pm today, we will be on the road back to our house, but things never seem to be on time around here, so im not holding my breath.

trish, ria and i arrived at stanford this morning at 7:45am. they got trish checked in, and prepped to be prepped shortly thereafter. ria and i were able to visit with trish from 8:40am to 10:20am when they brought her to the OR.

during those 100 minutes, dr. lee came in to visit with trish and to literally draw up the game plan on trish's front side. trish's nurses and anesthesiologist visited as well, and got trish prepped and the IV flowing.

at 10:20am they the anesthesiologist gave trish a little cocktail, and off she went to the OR and lala-land..

so about another hour to go in surgery, and then dr. lee will come out and give us the update..

stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you guys today. Glad this will be the last one!

Monya & Russ

Anonymous said...

Good luck today! Thinking of you all and sending our love!
Lyndee & Family

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are out of surgery. Thinking of you!