Sunday, July 25, 2010

happy summer...

hey everyone, just wanted to check in and let everyone know things are going great.

the summer is flying by, and have been enjoying it as much as we can.
trish was busy shuttling caden to three different birthday parties this weekend, and this coming week is caden's last of his summer preschool class.

we have been busy bbq'ing, working on the house and taking little trips here and there.
a couple weeks ago we drove down to LA to visit family, friends and of course mickey and minnie, and we have another big multi-family camping trip planned for later in august.

trish has been doing awesome. she is feeling and looking great and is swearing by her daily juicing and vegetarian diet (which leaves more bbq tri-trip for caden and i ;)

we do have our regularly scheduled checkup with dr. carlson this tuesday, july 27th, and expect everything to go smoothly.

trish is getting the itch to go back to work, so she has been prepping herself for interviews. last week she was fortunate to have interviews with two different pharma companies. both went well and, and she was told she would be getting call back for both.

so i just wanted to update the blog and let everyone know things are great, we are all healthy, happy and enjoying the summer.

thanks for checking in

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