Tuesday, July 15, 2008

chemo sweet chemo

the trifecta is in play.... third week in a row of window seats.
barca-lounger B4 welcomed trish back as if she was an old friend...

ahh chair sweet chair... window sweet window... chemo sweet chemo...

9:15am: seated with nurse gail for trish's blood draw
10:30am: nurse martha had the decadron and pepcid running
11:00am: benadryl-tini not shaken, not stirred
11:20am: herceptin dripping
12:10pm: hercpentin done, taxol going... should be home around 2pm

for those keeping score at home, this is round 8 of taxol/herceptin for trish.
assuming she doesn't not miss any more rounds of taxol due to her blood counts, august 12th will be the 12th and final round of this regimen, before switching to 3 more months of CEF + herceptin.

blood counts:

white blood cells, Absolute neutrophil count (ANC):
was 5.9
is 6.2

red blood cells, hematocrit (HCT):
was 27.8
is 28.6

the week in review:

again, another good week for trish. nothing too out of the ordinary on the physical side. the 4 shots of neupogen are working well for her white blood count, and trish has been doing everything she can to increase her red count...
eating clams, mussels, steaks, becky's meatloaf, iron supplements.. you name it.
its good to see her red count up, but its still lower than desired.

after last tuesday's treatment, we had trish's family over for a bbq to celebrate her mom's birthday.

on wednesday trish & judas brought caden to get a much overdue haircut in the morning, and in the afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with cancer veteran, karol-ann coleman

karol-ann's memoir can be found on her website, http://www.itsprobablynothing.org

trish spent thursday prepping for my sister's wedding shower that she co-hosted this past weekend.

saturday was the wedding shower....

sunday was a raw food "cooking" class in palo alto that trish, julie and jane attended.

so its been another incredibly quick, hectic and busy week at the oak ridge estate, but trish continues remain active and do all the things she would normally do.

i know trish hasn't had the chance to talk with all of those who participated in the avon breast cancer walk, but she was really touched by the support and friendship of you ladies.. i know julie passed along a message to most of you, and i hope you know how much it meant to trish... thank you.

and this weeks special guest star, is none other than trish's dad, judas...

ria's birthday bbq...

not a happy camper...


Lipgloss Lovah said...

I am glad that I was a part of your hectic week :) My shower was more than I could ever imagine! Trisha you look SO great & your attitude is even better. I am rooting for you not to miss any more rounds of taxol. I often think about how far you have come in the past three months. I know there is a long haul ahead but the progress you have made so far is amazing. I am sure much of it is attributed to your positive outlook. I love you guys a bunch! See you again in a few weeks. All the girls & Rukavina's are sending you their love. :) Everyone has been asking about you!

Monya & Russ

mom Ria said...

Trisha thats great your numbers are up.You did so much including shower planing BBQ for my Birthday.Thanks again!And the support for the avon walkers.Thank you ladies for a job well done.Keep the protein going Trish.And rest this week.I'm proud of you your always happy and positive and you will get there.Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Trisha!
Wonderful news - glad the numbers are up! Keep up with all the protein!:) I miss you and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. I will give you a call, later today. Thanks again to Oak for the updates and beautiful pictures. Thinking about you 3 all the time.
Lyndee & Family

Becka said...

Hi Trisha, You do not know me but I want to send you lots of healing thoughts and prayers. I know your mother in law from WW and she met my son several months ago. I've been gone from WW for the last few months because we found out on April 15th that my son has a rare genetic disease, called Pompe Disease. As you and your family can atest to, this has turned our world upside down. I read your blog and I am so touched by all of the love and support you and your family have. If it wasn't for all of the love, support, prayers, healing thoughts, meals, postings, cards, and visits I am not sure how we would get through each day. We pray for my 9month old son Magglio everyday at 4:23pm and now we are praying for you. Stay strong and keep the positive thoughts. You can do this the love will see you through...Peace, love lots of prayers, hugs and healing energy is sent from my family to yours. I know each moment is so challenging but you and my son Magglio are warriors and keep on fighting.
Stay Strong, Becka, Mark & Magglio Boscarino