Tuesday, July 8, 2008

B4 seven eight nine ten

7/8 9:10am :
the blood has been drawn by nurse esther, and we are waiting on test results. last week's muffins are still working, as we are enjoying our northern views out of window seat B4 today...

based on trish's counts last week, and the 4 shots of neupogen this week (that she is now administering to herself), there isn't any reason why her counts should be low....
but ya never know.

yesterday was trish's 3 month anniversary of her diagnosis, and today is round 9 of chemo. in terms of taxol/herceptin this is round 7, and this title fight is scheduled for a full 12 rounds.

soooo for the week in review..

again, another pretty decent week for trish. the typical aches and pains of the neupogen, but nothing that kept her in bed.

for the 4th, steve, cerena, lucas, trish, caden and myself headed downtown to catch some of the 4th of July parade. we found ourselves a nice little spot across from the end of the parade route, parked the truck and watched it from there. after the parade we spent a few hours at our friends, thunder & angie's block party. it was nice to get out and spend some time with the family and friends and enjoy the holiday. for the kids there was sno-cones, a bounce house and a big ole 16 foot tall waterside. and for the adults, there were plenty of barley drinks in those big aluminum barrels on tap.

the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent at home...
we made a couple trips to bridgepoint and downtown san carlos to do some shopping, did some bbq'ing and some chores around the house...
overall it was a nice relaxing weekend in the ridiculous heat.

more updates later... stay tuned..

trish snuggling up with the hand-knit blanket
made by our friend kelly reutlinger

trish, lucas, caden & cerena checking out the 4th of july parade

caden & auntie jane in the bounce house

11:15am update
its chemo-ogogo...

whiteys are good, reddies are lower than they would like, but overall good to go.
looks like a burger for lunch and a steak for dinner for trish.

blood counts:

white blood cells, Absolute neutrophil count (ANC):
was 6.52
is 5.9

red blood cells, hematocrit (HCT):
was 29
is 27.8

10:15am: pepcid done
11:00am: decadron done
11:05am: the benadryl was hung on the chemo tree with care
11:15am: harp lady is back (but its not the original harp lady, possibly a stunt double)

more later...

1:30pm update
11:45am: taxol started
1:22: taxol done, herceptin on the hook

should be home in about an hour...

2:15pm update
2:10pm: herceptin finished up, nurse esther flushed trish's port with heparin, and we are heading home for a little bbq tonight..


Anonymous said...

Good luck today, Trisha! We're thinking about you and sending all our love and good thoughts your way! Thanks again to Oak for the updates. Sounds like you had a wonderful July 4th weekend:) Enjoy the free AC, today!:) Walnut Creek is supposed to be 104!!!
Lyndee & Family

P.S. Caden is such a cutie pie!!:)

Tante Yvonne said...

Hi there Oak and Trisha,
It is so great to read the blog while you are still at Stanford!
Nice pics of you all, feel like I am close by!
love from Tante Yvonne and a ha ha ha for Caden!

Lipgloss Lovah said...

hi guys! thanks for another week of updates. Trish you look great! I can't wait to see you this weekend, BIG hugs! Give my cutie nephew a big kiss from Auntie M.

My brother your jokes are getting cheesier every week, I will give you a little credit, they occasionally get a chuckle out of me.

See you Friday!!!! yah!

Monya & Russ

Cerena said...

Cyndi Lauper!! That's one hip harp lady you got there.

Good work today Trisha!

Shari said...

Trisha & Oak: I read your blog every Tuesday to see how everything is going. I am so glad you find laughter in all of this. Your positive attitudes are so helpful in this battle. A battle you will win!! My love to you all.

Shari Johnson