Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 down, 23 to go

trish had her 5th radiation session today.

so far her skin is doing fine, no redness or irritation yet.. but we expect it to catch up with her about 1/2 way through the remaining sessions.

it looks like from here on out, her appointments will be at 3:15pm which works out really good. caden begins nursery school next week, and as with his other classes (art, gym, etc) everything is in the morning...
so 3:15pm will allow trish to do caden fun time in the morning and radiation fun time in the afternoon while caden is down for his nap.

each appointment has been very quick, in and out in about 15 minutes.. a real nice change from the typical doctor appointments.

so far so good.. thanks for checking in

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! So glad to hear everything is going so smoothly with the radiation! Trish - you're a rock star! I'm constantly amazed at how with each step through this journey, you have remained so positive and strong! I'm in awe once again! Thanks Oak for the updates. Talk to you soon. xoxo Mon