Monday, March 2, 2009

¡ Una Mas !

back at the radiation factory today..

fresh off the 1 week vacation prescribed by dr. horst, trish was able to get a taste of the linear accelerator today.

doc horst took a gander at trish's blisters, and since they are pretty much dried up, decided to proceed with the radiation treatment..

tomorrow will be trish's 28th and final dose of radiation!

three three shall set her free

as much fun as radiation is, the highlight of the day goes to running into trish's (former chemo) buddy, christine, who was at the radiation joint for a checkup.

christine, who finished chemo in september and radiation in december, looks great and has a nice lush head of hair.

trish and christine haven't seen each other in while (although they have talked on the phone), so it was good to see the ladies yapping away, comparing hair and getting caught up..

thats it from here... thanks for checking in


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are coming to the end of this....and you were right, healing from surgery has been the easiest part! 3 weeks after having a double she is able to pick my son up (25lbs) and care for him- which is a huge joy in her life. Wish you the best and keep on posting! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Una Mas! I love it! SO glad its almost over!!!!