Monday, August 31, 2009

consultation with dr. jeffrey, surgical oncologist...

today we met with trish's surgical oncologist, dr. stephanie jeffrey. dr. jeffrey is the surgeon that performed trish's first mastectomy back in november, and she will perform trish's second surgery as well.

the visit today was just a consultation to go over what will happen during surgery. since we have been through this once before, we have a pretty good idea of whats to come.

the differences this time around are several:
- no lymphnode removal (trish had 18 removed during the last rodeo)
- less skin removed, since its not a cancerous area, the removal will not be as eloborate
- reconstruction will immediately follow on both sides, by Dr. Gordon Lee
- dr. jeffrey will also remove trish's medi-port, the device implanted in her chest so she could receive chemo (trish could have removed this earlier, but it would have resulted in another, seperate surgery... this way, its all done at the same time)

its was great to see dr. jeffrey, as we have not seen her since the removal of trish's drain tubes months and months ago.

tommorrow we will be back at the cancer center to have a consultation with trish's plastic surgeon, dr. lee.

thanks for checking in...

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