Friday, October 2, 2009

the difference a year makes...

caden and i received a call from trish at 4:30pm today, and she successfully completed Day 1 of the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk and has the blisters to prove it.

20 miles down, 40 to go.

trish is looking forward to relaxing at the tent city set up on san francisco's marina green, and hanging out with the girls tonight. while she does plan on walking the next two days, it is not her goal to complete the 20 miles each day.

with surgery only five days away, she does need to conserve some energy for surgery and the subsequent recovery. needless to say, trish was determined to complete Day One of the 3 Day, and she did!

to everyone who was involved today, you should be congratulated...

the difference a year makes...

2008 3 Day Walk, a spectator

2009 3 Day Walk, a participant


mamafish said...

I am so so so happy that this year you walk as a SURVIVOR! Again, you serve as a model of strength and persistance, and of hope! Congratulations on completing the
1st day and again congratulations in making such huge strides in your own fight to regain your health.


Your sista said...

Hi Sister!!
That is wonderful!!
Am so proud of you!! you look sooooo great!!
(very happy Oak put up a picture right away!)
Am thinking of you all, the whole time!

Lots of love,
je zus

Anonymous said...

Go Trisha!!!
We're so proud of you!!!! Big Hugs!
Love ya,
Lyndee & Family