Wednesday, October 7, 2009

surgery... part deux

the night after update, 8:45pm

i just got home from the hospital and trish is doing great. she is asleep now, but she has been up and about during the afternoon. shes been walking the hallways, using the bathroom (no more catheter :) ) on her own.

both dr. lee and dr. jeffrey visited with her earlier today, and are happy with the results of the surgery and how trish is recovering..

we are hoping she gets released to come home tomorrow, but ya never know.. its up to the docs tomorrow, and we will see what they have to say

the morning after update, 8:00am

trish slept decently throughout the night..
the meds kicked in and helped with the pain, but the nurses were in every couple of hours so it made it tough to sleep.

dr. lee's four residents came in this morning at 6:30am to check on trish, and they said she was looking good. dr. lee is will stop by sometime in the morning to check on trish as well, but the plan is to get trish up and walking around this afternoon.

10:30pm update

trish is sleeping like a baby:)

trish has two great nurses, sofia and kristen, and they got trish all settled in (drained her drains, set up her IV's, got her some juice/blankets/etc.. ) to her private room overlooking the courtyard below.

trish is pretty groggy (she says feels pretty buzzed, but not drunk enough to dance... i call BS, she will dance anytime) but she is pretty sharp and not out of it, just sleepy.

she is really sore, and likens the pain to that of an elephant sitting on top of her, but i think the meds are finally kicking in and doing their job.

trish is hooked up to two different pain medications..
1. is dripping in the the IV they placed near her spinal cord for the paravertebral block... im guessing its on the weak side, as its a continuous drip

2. is the good stuff.. the kind they give you a button for, but you can only hit the button once every ten minutes... it must be really good, cause they literally have it under lock and key on the IV machine so you cant up your dose..

its been a long day, and as expected, she got through it without any problems.
im spending the night with her to keep her company throughout the night.

thanks again for all the thoughts, wishes, mojo and prayers...

we both really do appreciate it.

good night (once all this coffee wears off)

8:45pm update

just got out of recovery and headed to her room...

5:45pm update

dr. lee just called me, and they are done with surgery! trish is doing great, and they are putting the final bandages on her. no surprises during surgery, and everything went smoothly.

trish will be in recovery for the next 60-120 minutes, and then will be transferred to her hospital room. once she is in her room, i will be able to see her.

its been a long day, but i knew she had great doctors who have performed these surgeries thousands of times...

very capable hands for a very capable girl..

2:45pm update

i just spoke with dr. jeffrey... the mastectomy and port removal went perfectly. trish is doing great, and her vitals are strong and normal.

surgery began late, around 1:00pm and finished up around 2:15pm.

trish is now in the hands of dr. lee, and he will begin the reconstruction portion of surgery, which includes a technique called a latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap (some graphic content). dr. lee will basically take skin from trish's back, and rotate it around to her right breast area (the previously cancerous side) to provide better (softer, thicker, more elastic) skin to work with.

since trish's right side chest skin underwent radiation, it left her with skin that isn't as thick and elastic as normal skin. by borrowing skin from her back, this will eleviate any potential issues of the tissue expanders breaking through her weak skin.

since her left side wasn't exposed to the radiation, her skin is fine on that side, and doesn't need any extra care.

anyhow, dr. jeffrey said everything went well.. trish should be out in another 4 hours or so.. (~ 6:30pm) we may get to see her in about 5 hours, after she comes out of recovery and wakes up..

all is well here.. thanks everyone for the phone calls, texts, emails, comments on the blog, facebook, etc...

12:00pm update

surgery has begun...

11:30am update

ria and i just left trish in the fine hands of the docs here at stanford. dr. lee, trish's plastic surgeon, came in went over the process again, and marked trish up with a game plan of where the incisions will be and whats going where...

the anesthesiologists came in to give trish her paravertebral blocks, a type of local anesthesia near the spinal cord that will numb the surrounding nerves in her back and up through to her chest..

so everything is pretty much on schedule.. the waiting game begins...

the next update will probably be in a few hours after dr. jeffrey has completed the mastectomy...

trish appreciates all the thoughts and prayers, thanks everyone

10:30am update

trish went in with the nurse at 10:30am to get changed, and prepped for her surgery.

she is a little nervous (cmon, who likes surgery?), but she is feisty and ready to go..

on the drive to stanford this morning, we were heading down 280 and there was a truck swerving across the second lane, slow lane and onto the shoulder. trish got on the horn and called 911 to report a possible drunk driver...

needless to say she has her game face on, theres no screwing around today.

ria and i will get to see her again in about 30 minutes before they take her to the operating room

8:30am update

hi everyone,

when we had our pre-op appointment yesterday, the doctors informed us surgery wouldn't be until 11:40am today, and we need to arrive at 9:40am.

this is much better than getting there around 5am, and it allowed us to sleep in a bit..

so trish is in the shower, caden is eating breakfast and getting ready for school.. another normal morning around here...

so far.

more updates later


Cerena Faggiolly said...

Good Luck today Trish! I'll be thinking about you. We will make sure Caden is having lots of fun with his cousins. XOXO

Anna said...

Hi Trish,
I work with Cerena and have been following your journey via the blog. My aunt recently had a double mastectomy and is recovering well. I wish you luck and a speedy recovery. Your journey is mighty tough, but an inspiration to many. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish and Oak,

We are thinking about you, and are here for both you guys. Trish you are strong, we know you will do well with today's surgery.

Oak, let us help with Caden, it's always fun to have little brother hang out with the Brooks Girls.

Angel and David

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! I know everything will be great! you kicked cancers ass so you will kick ass at this too!

Monya & Russ

Deanna said...

Hi Trish,
We're thinking of you today & wishing you a quick recovery!

Tim & Deanna

necola0701 said...

Good luck today Trisha! We wish you a speedy recovery and lots of love to you and your family.
Nicole, Mark and Annika Kanda

Jane said...

Trish! Caden was a dream today.. He did very well at school and is having fun with Lucas so no need to worry there. We'll see you soon! Love you!


Anonymous said...

You'll be right as rain in no time.
Love you,


Monica Conniff said...

Thanks for the updates Oak! Thinking of all of you today. Hoping for a speedy recovery Trish! Please let us know if you need anyting. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Trish you our in our thoughts. Ironically today I purchased a pink braclet for October Breast Cancer Awareness. I signed the contribution in your honor. As I
checked out the choices of the braclets... faith, hope, strenght or survivior, I paused and picked out strenght. For you have been so strong through this all.
Cin C. Riverbank,CA

Your sister said...

Hi Sister!!
I spoke to mom and she told me everything went well!
And now the recovery! wish I was there with you... can't believe it was almost 1 year ago that you had the first surgery, and I was there to help you!
Of course am thinking of you... while you and Oak are probably sleeping now!
hope to talk to you soon!

lots of love, from all of us,
Bert, Amber, Marijn and Yvonne

Anonymous said...


Our hearts are with you always!!!
Our prayers and thoughts are also...I am glad all went well and hope for a speedy recovery. We are here if you ever need us!
Alexis and Nathan

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you guys. I'm glad the surgery was a success! Please know that you are in my thoughts and I am here if you need anything.

love, Brie

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going as planned. A PCA pump for pain is always a good thing. I'm looking forward to hearing from you this weekend so I know you're ok!
All our love,
The Mallas Family