Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Surgeon

After meeting with the Hi-Risk OB, we met with the Surgeon at PAMF, Dr. Runi Chattopadhyay. Dr. Runi went through some surgical options for Trisha. Dr. Runi explained that there are basically 2 options for women with breast cancer. Either A) A Lumpectomy (just remove the lump) or B) A Mastectomy (full breast removal). Each option has it's pros and cons. The Lumpectomy is a targeted surgery where the lump is only removed. While the majority of the breast is left in tact, there is a 15-20% risk for recurrence and a risk that the entire tumor was not removed. Given this, the surgeon recommend that Trisha do a mastectomy. She also suggested that Trisha meet with a plastic surgeon to have a tissue expander put into place during the removal surgery. This expander would allow for an implant later down the line. There are some risks with going into surgery while pregnant. For instance, the risk of blood clots is higher because of the cancer AND the pregnancy. After this meeting, we collectively decide that we should get a second opinion to hear what another surgeon might think.

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