Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trish, Caden AND Oak

This is the family we know and love!


Claudia & Russ Barrett said...

Hehehee :)..Thank you Steve for bringing Oak to the other side of the camera!

He'll hate ya in the mornin' but hey, that's between you two!Heheheee :)

Love You,Cerena and my "other buddy" Lucas more than words can express~



Jane said...

that was quick! nice pic steve. i am so lovin' this blog. what did we do before the internet?

Anonymous said...

Diane Tulp said
Trish everyone is rooting for you to beat this heidious disease. I know you can beat the monster. If I can do anything to help you or your family please don't hesitate to let me know. Go girl...beat the monster.

the grech family said...

Oak and Trisha....not sure if you'll remember me...we went to school together-way back when! Just wanted you to know we have you in our thoughts and prayers...we know you can get through this with the love and support from family and friends

You are a beautiful family...Caden is just adorable!

Love, Kari, Jeff, Kaitlyn, Sydney, Charlie and Lukas Grech

PS. Hi Steve

The Tozi's said...

Oak and Trisha, We are so happy to hear the wonderful news about the bone scan! You have always been such great friends to us and we love you! We are praying for you and are here for you always! Love The Tozi's P.S- Love the pictures, they brought tears of joy

Monya said...

This is a great pictures of you guys! Reminds me of our day at Disneyland a few days before :-) All the girls are praying for you & hoping you beat this as quickly as possible!!! Stay strong. We all love you guys down here :)

Monya & Russ