Thursday, April 17, 2008

You were sent as an angel...

You were sent as an angel, to be loved and adored
But God had a plan for you, to do so much more

Your presence brought to light, an illness so rare
That prompted an outpouring of loving and care

We will never know your smile or laugh,
But we know you created the clearest of paths

Our hearts will never forget what you mean,
To your mother, your father, your brother and me

Your purpose was not to be but one more,
But to give the chance to fight and be cured

Mama Lina, Framma, Poppie and more,
Wait for you with open arms at the door

As you enter Heaven, with the greatest of ease,
Please watch over us as we beat this disease…


Anonymous said...

Wow Steve that is absolutely beautiful. prayers, thoughts and love to all the Barrett's and Faggiolly's. I love you Trish!


Anonymous said...

Very beautifully said Steve!
It is so true.
In our hearts we are with all of you in thoughts, hoping and thinking positively to help Trisha and Oak get through this!


Head Baby Wrangler said...

This is amazing Steve. Thank you for this, it is beautiful. You are right, Framma & Poppie always wanted to be great-grandparents and now they truly are. They will all look down on Trisha and give her more strength to fight this.

Monya Barrett

Anonymous said...

Steve, Very touching and beautiful. Now trisha has a little angel looking out for her.Love Ya Olga

Anonymous said...

Dear Faggiolly Family, What a beautiful perspective on a very difficult decision you had to make- You will see him/her in heaven and you will live a long, healthy life; My husband and I burn a candle for you every night and we keep you in our prayers every night- Keep the faith, love each other and remember that your path is to be around to tell your incredible, brave, Trisha, are my new shero! Karol-Ann Coleman (Daniel's teacher)

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, This is so beautyfull and so true. This little angel will always be there to look not only after Trisha but all of you. I want all of you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We have an prayer-chain going here in Idaho for Trisha and we know that she has the support of all of you and beyond. Our Love and Prayers to all of you. Love Ria en Theo

Mom Ria said...

That's beautiful Steve .Our prayers were like that.Our Angel is looking down on Trisha and help her and will give her strenght to a speedy recovery.Love you Trisha so much!Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

That was amazingly beautifully written. We are so sorry for your loss.
Marit and family

Anonymous said...

Wow Steve, this is so beautiful. This little angel will surely be watching over Trisha and all of your family, helping to guide you through this. All our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. We love you Trishy! Moni & Matt

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with all of you during this very difficult time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, what a beautiful and touching way to express the love you feel for the family's little angel. Our hearts go out to everyone during this difficult time, and our prayers continue for Trish and a speedy recovery.

Love, Torres Family

Anonymous said...

Sending you strength and love

Kim, Robert and Joe Balsama

Kelly said...

sending all the love and strength we have to help you get through this time. You are in my thoughts every day.


Anonymous said...

Trisha -

I just heard the news about your diagnosis and I am so sorry. My families thoughts and prayers are with you all. My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly three years ago. She underwent radical surgery and radiation. She has recovered very well and is back to her same old rotten self. When it seems a bit dark there may always be sunshine just ahead. Keep fighting and we will be thinking of you. Jimmie and family.

Dickey Reed said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. God bless!

Dickey Reed

Anonymous said...

We are impressed with the beautiful poem Steve! California is so far away, but our thoughts are with you all the way. We hope you can find the strength to fight this aweful thing. Lots of
love for Trisha, Oak and Caden and everybody around you.
Trudy, Andre, Clem, Jacqueline

Anonymous said...

That was very beautiful! I'm sure Mama Lina will love this little angel as she loved you. Great job Steve!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!!! What a wonderful perspective and attitude to have at this trying time!