Monday, December 15, 2008

another checkup with dr. j

earlier this afternoon we headed off to stanford for a quick checkup at with dr. jeffrey.

the checkup itself was nice and quick, and the doc thinks trish's progress over the past month has been terrific. the checkup was sped up a little bit when the fire alarm went off, and we weren't sure if we would have to evacuate or not...

so dr. jeffrey quickly got to work and examined trish. evacuating woulda sucked, as we had already been waiting in the lobby for 2 1/2 hours for our appointment, so we didn't need any more delays.

anyhow, trish can now lift her arm above her head without much discomfort, and pretty much has her full range of motion back. she is back to lifting caden up, and i think thats what she missed the most.

so all is well in recoveryville. dr. jeffrey doesn't need to see trish again for another 6 months, but we will be meeting with her before then to plane for surgery #2.

this wednesday will be trish's scheduled ECHO, and next tuesday we will be back for some egg nog spiked herceptin...

so thats it from here..

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sis!
So happy to hear everything is well and most of all.... YOU GET TO PICK UP CADEN AGAIN!!
I was there with you, so know how hard it was for you!
I love the picture!
You all look so happy and well!
love from all of us Doorntjes,
most of all from me,
je grote zus,