Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the 10th reindeer, herceptin...

we met this morning with dr. carlson and his physician assistant kathy...

looks like the doc is just as excited with trish's results as we are, cause he came into the exam room clapping with a big smile on his face.

we talked about trish's progress up to this point, and what we can expect in the coming months...

one thing we learned today is the "1 year of herceptin" trish is continuing on, is retroactive to her first herceptin treatment on may 20th, and not the beginning of the "3 week doses" trish began on october 21st.

so this means trish has 6 more months of herceptin to go, and not the 10 months we initially thought..

dr. carlson also scheduled trish for her standard 3 month ECHO of her heart, and a consult with the radiation oncologist, dr. kathleen horst. not sure when we will meet with dr. horst, but we expect radiation to begin in the next few weeks.

trish will continue on the herceptin every three weeks, but we wont be seeing dr. carlson for another 9 weeks... but we will be back here in 2 weeks to see dr. jeffrey, and those daily radiation appointments will be here before we know it..

after doc carlson we headed up to the ITA... and man, this place is busier than a wal-mart on black friday

around 11:45am trish started on her pre-drugs prior to the herceptin... the benadryl should be kicking in at any moment.

herceptin began around 12:45pm, and should finish up 2:30pm

hopefully we will be heading home in about an hour..
trish is doing great... she is taking a little nap right now, and looking forward to the play date this afternoon at our house..

thanks for checking in


Anonymous said...

Sending our love and prayers your way! Very excited to hear all the positive news! You two are an amazing team...plus your army of support!!!
Happy Holidays,
the Hairstons

Anonymous said...

So glad to read the continual good news, Trisha. We are thinking and praying for you/of you all the time. Cannot WAIT to see you on Thursday. It's been way to long and I miss you, so much.

Love and kisses - prayers and thankfulness,