Thursday, December 11, 2008

a quickie..

haven't posted in a while, cause not much has been happening since trish's herceptin infusion on december 2nd. not having doctor appointments all the time is kinda nice.

trish has been feeling really good, the soreness is going away with each day, and her range of motion continues to increase.

this past week trish has been able to relax and have and enjoy herself.

her college roommates, ginger and riley, came into town this past weekend and trish was able to get in some quality time with them. all of us headed up to san francisco for some ice skating in union square (caden and i watched), some shopping (caden and i watched) and then some clam chowder on pier 39.

on sunday we heading up hill to skyline to chop down that perfect christmas tree.

our schedule for the coming weeks pretty much looks like this:
- 12/15: checkup with dr. jeffrey
- 12/23: herceptin
- 12/29: consult with the radiation oncologist
- 12/??: another scheduled ECHO of her heart

christmas tree hunting this past sunday


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! No news is good news!! I'm so glad things have settled down and are somewhat back to "normal." And that you are feeling better and more like yourself with each passing day Trishy. Very cute family pic! Love you all! Will talk to you soon. xoxo Monie

Anonymous said...

Hello Barrett Family,
I love this picture! Little man is getting so big. Come visit us soon. Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Great family pic.. love you guys...

Anonymous said...

sorry I didn't leave our names Jackie and Bessi