Thursday, September 4, 2008

3 Day walk begins tommorrow...

The Breast Cancer 3 Day San Francisco walk begins friday morning, september 5th, with opening ceremonies commencing at 6:30am at the Cow Palace.

Trisha's Trailblazers, a team of 19 friends and family who are walking in honor of trisha as well as other loved ones that have been affected by this disease, has done an outstanding job of raising over $55,000 to benefit the Susan G. Komen For The Cure fund.

Last I heard, this team has the third highest fund raising amount of all san francisco 3 day walk teams! thats an amazing accomplishment.

although they have eclipsed their team goal, there are still teammates working towards their individual fund raising goal.

if you are interested in donating, take a look at the Trisha's Trailblazer's team page and find a teammate that has not reached 100% of their goal.

again, i would like to thank jeannie for organzing the team, as well as the 18 other teammates who have dedicated time to train, raise funds and increase awareness of breast cancer.

Jeannie (Cocconi) Wynne
Rachelle Fochetti
Whitney Glockner
Michelle Alexander
Kari (Rende) Allegri
Kim Balsama
Amy Bloom
Venessa Coffaro
Ria Faggiolly
Anna Franceschi
Jane Knynenburg
Angie Lu
Aimee Patten
Jodie Slautterback
Judy Spooner
Nicole (Lujan) Texeira
Josie Trefz
Racquele Welsh
Peter Wynne

good luck over the next three days...

the walk with take the team past the san francisco zoo, down the san francisco waterfront, across the golden gate bridge, through sausalito & marin county, back over the golden gate bridge, through golden gate park and will finish up on sunday with closing ceremonies at marina green.

Sunday, September 7th Schedule:
4:30 pm: Closing Ceremonies begin

Marina Green
310 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123

trish is honored that so many friends and family have participated in the 2 Day Avon walk in July, and this weekend's 3 Day walk. although she would much rather be walking along side you, honoring someone else, but it is what it is..

thank you so much, and trish looks forward to walking in it next year and has been hinting at the Boston 3 Day...


Anonymous said...

Amazing job fundraising!
The Chico girls are in for a 3 day in Boston in the future!
Good luck Trisha's Trailblazers!

Lipgloss Lovah said...

Trisha you WILL be at the Boston 3 day walk & I'll meet you there! :-) Hope you are feeling better so far! See you guys this weekend!


Monica Conniff said...

Heck yes we are walking in the Boston 3-day walk next year...and you'll be at the head of the group leading us Trish! I just know it. Hope you are feeling a little better sweetie! I'm gonna try and visit sometime this weekend...even if it's only to give you a big hug! Love U! xoxo Moni
P.S. Good luck this weekend to all of Trisha's Trailblazers! Stay strong!

Rachel Benavidez said...

Wow! I have to say that I signed up for the 3day in the Bay Area this past March and shortly after I ran across your blog. I was so touched that I couldn't help but to cry! During opening and closing ceremony I recognized your mom and couldn't help but to cry. Then you walked on stage and I couldn't stop crying! Almost as if I knew you. I walked not because I have a personal story but because I can and don't ever want my daughters to ever be affected by breast cancer. And for "FIGHTERS" like you! I wish you and your family well! Stay strong!