Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Oak!!

We just wanted to send a very big happy birthday wish to Oak today!! He has done such an awesome job keeping everyone updated on all the happenings at the Barrett home, all the while managing to insert a bit of humor in a very unfunny situation (and it works!). We appreciate all that you're doing. We know life has thrown you all quite a curveball but you're hitting it out of the park every time.

Oak, have a great one!


Your family


Lipgloss Lovah said...


You're OLD now!!!! :)

Each week you amaze me even more! You are always able to find that bit of humor each week to keep everyone going. Your strength, love & commitment to Trisha wow’s me as ever week passes. What the two of you are going through as a family can make and break many relationships. Only looking from the outside in, it seems like your commitment to each other has grown in leaps n’ bounds & is stronger than ever. I am pretty proud to call you my brother. I hope you have a great birthday & get some time to spend together.

Your sister

Ronbaby said...

Hitting the curve ball deep each week is an understatement. If only he was able to hit the curve in college. We all would be riding his coat tail. Luv you guys.

Claudia Barrett said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Before your first breath we loved love you with every inch of our hearts and knew we'd always be proud to be your Dad and Mom.. 33 years later that's never changed, it's only grown..

Through out the years the only thing that's changed is the depth of our love and our pride in you as our son. You've always been a stand up guy, a supportive brother to Monya,a loving, caring and at times aggravating husband to Trisha and of course the incredible "Dadeee" to Caden.

We love and respect You to the moon, beyond and back and know the best years are right around the corner!

Love you~

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Oak! You are doing an amzing job taking care of your family, we can all learn from the example you set every day.
I hope you had a great day, we'll have a cold beer to celebrate when I visit!
Ginger and family