Monday, October 20, 2008

the test results are back...

this morning, dr. jeffrey's office called with the results of trish's MRI, PET-scan, mammogram and ultrasound she had over the past coupla weeks.

there are no signs of cancer in trish's body.

yes, i typed that correctly.

mri: found nothing of concern
pet-scan: showed her lymph nodes have shrunk, and they are of no concern
mammogram & ultrasound: could not detect the cancer in trish's right breast, and did not show any signs of cancer in a new lump discovered in trish's left breast two weeks ago.

its been a very emotional day, a good day... a great day. this does not change surgery, radiation, etc, but trish has responded tremendously to the chemotherapy and herceptin. we still have plenty of questions for dr. jeffrey and dr. carlson, as we received the news from dr. jeffrey's nurse over the phone. but for today, we can relax a little.

we have an appointment with dr. carlson tomorrow morning and afterward trish will begin her 12 month regimen of herceptin.

i literally just finished watching 'Living Proof' a few minutes ago. it debuted on Lifetime this past saturday night, and we tivo'ed it. there will be an encore presentation tonight (monday) at 8pm on Lifetime, and i encourage everyone to watch it. even though trish was not part of the clinical trials a decade ago, it was like i was watching my life on tv. many women have benefited from the work of dr. slamon & genentech since herceptin's approval by the FDA on September 25th, 1998.

'Living Proof' is the true story of oncologist and researcher Dr. Dennis Slamon, the UCLA doctor who helped develop the breast cancer drug Herceptin, and his effort to keep the drug trials afloat. His inspiring journey shows the sacrifices he makes in his personal life and the obstacles that he faces to get the drug approved. Thousands of lives have been saved because of his dedication. (Based on Robert Bazell’s book “Her-2.”) RenĂ©e Zellweger, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, and screenwriter Vivienne Radkoff are the executive producers

trish is living proof.


Kelly said...

That is fantastic. I am happy to hear the good news xoxoxo

mamafish said...

Absolutely INCREDIBLE! I am so so so happy that the treatment has worked so well! Trish and Oak, you have a some breathing room now. Fantastic news! I will have to look up that movie to watch. Thanks for the recommendation.

The G Family said...

I am also a patient of Dr. Carlson and a good friend of mine knows Trish's mom, I do not post comments on your blog often but I read it every week and this is the BEST news!!! I am so happy to read that the chemo and Trish kicked some serious cancer booty!!! That is WONDERFUL news!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys! We need to celebrate ;)


Anonymous said...

Trish...I have tears streaming down my face right now...tears of JOY. I am so happy for you and your family...and so proud of you. You have done amazing. Enjoy the news...breathe...relax...and LIVE life.

Staying strong-

Yvonnetje said...

Dear Sis,
Sooooo glad I got to hear this wonderful news from you personally!!
We are full of joy!!!
Please keep 'living proof' on your tivo for me!! Want to watch it with you!!

love from the whole Doorn family!!
kus van je zus

Anonymous said...


Just about every one who I meet, I always tell them that they're in the presence of one of the most blessed persons they'll ever get to meet. I'm so glad to know that they're more out there like myself.

I was doing research a few months ago and I came across this blog. I recognized your name from way back in Roosevelt school to Kennedy middle school and all the way through Woodside high school. I was so delighted while strolling through the pictures and seeing what a beautiful family you now had and how happy you looked. This good moment ended and my heart dropped when I started reading the blog about your condition. I spent all night reading entry after entry and felt so bad about how something like this could happen to some one as young as yourself and your family. But the more I read, the more I was comforted by the wonderful circle of people that surround you. I'd have to say that is one exceptional husband you have and I do thank God that He put him in your path. I'm extremely happy about how things have progressed and although it's not over yet, I have the confidence that the good Lord will pull you all through this ordeal. Remember that He will not put us through anything that He knows we cannot handle. You've displayed such courage through all of this and just seeing your pictures as you smile towards the camera reassures me that everything will turn for the better. Keep smiling and put your faith in God, for he has giving you the will, the strenght and the support of not only the people who surround you and love you, but also of strangers that although they don't know you, will always support you and keep you and your family within. Take care...

Marilyn Kirschenbaum said...

Dearest Trish ... Your mother in-law just told the ibc support list about your more than happy news which put smiles on all of our faces and in our hearts! GREAT NEWS .. I printed out your beautiful photo and it was on the IBC Foundation's poster board with others from the IBC family for a health fair I was at. May all your news always be NED! Modem hugs, Mare
Marilyn 'Mare' Kirschenbaum
Vice President
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

Toni said...

Trisha- I am so happy for you and your family. My friend Karey is friends with your sister in law, and Karey told me about your page when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this last july. I just want to tell you thank you for posting this. It has given me guidance through my mom's situation. My heart just beams (for lack of a better term)with happiness, excitement and joy for you and your family. And I am a new mom too, so it is such a relief for me to hear things are going so well for Caden's sake. I wish you the very best and much love. Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! Yippee and all that stuff. I am sooo happy for ALL.

Whitney G said...


You are amazing. I am so proud of you and Oak and Caden for powering through this rough treatment. You are an inspiration to all!


Lipgloss Lovah said...

The greatest day! Love you guys!
Does this mean a trip to Disneyland sooner? :)

Monya & Russ

Anonymous said...

no one had any doubts, we all love you so much.


Shari said...

Yeah!!!!!! My cousin has been reading your blog weekly and she sent me an email before I had the chance to read the blog this week. I shared the news with my students (I told them about you as we are preparing for the breast cancer walk this weekend.) They all stood up and cheered. Way to go!!! Sending big hugs, Shari

Anonymous said...

Dear Trisha, Oak and Caden,

I'm a friend of Shab's and I live in Ireland. I was chatting with her today and she told me all about what you have been through. I have had a brief look at your blog site and am in tears. I am so, so happy for you and your family that you've gotten those great test results. I'm a true believer in the power of prayer and I will keep you in our family prayers. You are an inspiration and truly are 'living proof'! Well done on coming through this and my thoughts and prayers for the rest of the treatment is with you all.

Claire x

Anonymous said...

A good day and great day indeed - absolutely fantastic news. So happy for you. Looks like Living Proof isn't scheduled for a replay, but I see it can be viewed online.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great news! Go team herceptin! I can't imagine what the last few months has been like for you and your family. Its fantastic to hear that it looks like another gigantic obstacle has been overcome. Your blog is great, but every smiling picture I see of you is even more inspiring. We have all missed your immune system, let us know when it returns.


olga said...

OH My God! When Cerena and Steve shared the news with us last night it was unbelieveable! I am so happy as I'm sure you all are. The best news I had heard all year! Hugs and Kisses to you all.

Bobby Jo said...

Oak, your Mom called me with the news as soon as she heard! Trisha, our hearts are singing with joy for you and your family. You have been so brave, and Oak, you have been such an anchor for Trisha. What a team! Caden is blessed to have such wonderful parents. All our love,
Bobby Jo & John
s/v Don't Look Back

Anonymous said...

Trisha, Oak, Caden & all the family...
I am so overjoyed, the tears are flowing! The prayers have been answered! You are so blessed, WE (your friends) are so blessed to have you, your story, your strength, you are an inspiration...

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Kamal said...

This is good news !

Green K-A said...

Trish...You are amazing! You really are amazing! Your story, your life, your spirit...amazing! You are a true inspiration and I feel you are such a great sister and advocate of life...keep your love is embraced with every thing that you do! love, k-a

Anonymous said...

Dear Trisha, Oak, and Caden,
This is such wonderful news!!!
Thank you God...our prayers have been answered.
Shab, Keith, Shireen, and Gregorty