Friday, October 10, 2008

the weekend update...

a quick update

we met with dr. jeffrey, the surgical oncologist. she ordered a few tests/scans for trish before we decide how to proceed with surgery.

trish had her herceptin as scheduled.. we didn't realize it until we got into bed that night, but it was trish's 6 month anniversary of her diagnosis...

trish, ria and I went back to stanford for an MRI...
scheduled at 8pm, it finally started around 9pm, and we left around 10pm... long night, but we did swing by town & country to check out the pink lights (but i forgot my camera)

trish picked up her new (to us) car... a little soccer mom volvo suv rig..
her current car goes bye bye on monday, so we needed to get her something to drive as i dont trust her riding a bike with my son.

back at stanford right now for her PET (positron emission tomography) scan...
they are gonna pump her with a radioactive chemical and it will be absorbed by any cancerous cells.. she will then go into a scan, and the resulting image will show the extent and location of any cancer.. she went in about 2:30pm, and they said it would take 2 hours... so another waiting game for ria and i.

trish is doing good today, just a little grumpy and tired.
she hasn't been able to eat anything before the scan today.. it woulda been nice to have it scheduled in the morning, rather than mid afternoon... but she is looking forward to a deli sandwich and a caesar salad when this is done.

tomorrow is kinda of weird day for trish.
she is basically getting fired from work. her 6 month short term disability is up, and she will now go onto long term disability, but her employer, GlaxoSmithKline, will terminate her employment tomorrow.

so no more company car, laptop, etc...
but more importantly, trish is disappointed that she is losing her job. she has spent 7 years with GSK as a pharmaceutical sales rep in several different specialty areas, and has enjoyed the interactions and friendships she has made with co-workers, doctors and staff over the years. although she hasn't been able to work in the past six months, she will miss her job and being part of the GSK team.

maybe she can start pushing Herceptin, a Genentech product, once we get all this stuff behind us. :)

speaking of herceptin and genentech..

trish has been asked by genentech to give a presentation about the benefits herceptin has on her type of cancer, Her-2/neu Positve. the audience will be 100 or so genentech employees and trish will be introduced by the senior vice president of bio-oncology.
trish has been planning her presentation for a couple weeks, and looks forwards to share her story with the fine folks of genentech.

unfortunately, this is NOT a public event, so you wont see me out front scalping tickets for triple face value.
whats on tap...

trish will get her scheduled herceptin, as well as a mammogram and ultrasound of her boobies.. trish's college roommate, ginger, is flying up from LA to visit for the day, so she is really excited to see ginger, but having a machine smash her boobies... not so much.

the herceptin talk with genetech

next, next monday
the plan right now is to meet back with dr. jeffrey on monday, october 20th, to go over the results of the mri, pet scan, mammogram and ultrasound..

anyhow, trish is still feeling really good.. by far the best couple of weeks in a while. the biggest issue she is having these days is the heartburn... and if thats the biggest issue, we will take it..

she has been doing a fair amount of walking this past week, and its helped her emotionally and physically. she has also been able to hang out with some girlfriends, outside of the house, this week and she really enjoyed the time doing that.

thanks for checking in, enjoy the weekend...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Trish and Oak,
Thank you for all the updates, and the pictures!
Trish-so proud of you for fighting this head on! We are keeping you all in our prayers daily. We are taking a trip to Redwood City the first weekend in November and would love to see you both and Caden.
Shab, Keith, Gregory, and Shireen