Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ITA, oh how we have missed thee

ahhh... our old friend
the infusion treatment area... the ITA

6 months of coming here every week, sometimes several times a week, and you really get used to it... you get to know the nurses, they get to know you..

now when we only have to swing by about once a month, its nice... but odd.
i still dont think we are use to it, but its great when the nurses stop into trish's suite to say hi and congratulate her on the news, cause they haven't seen her in a while.

nurse chris got trish going on her premeds a little before 10:00am, and she is getting her 3 week dose of herceptin right now, and that should be finished up around noon.
trish is in benadryl-la-la-land, and taking a little nap to get caught up on the sleep caden robbed her of last night.

although we haven't been upstairs to the ITA lately, we have made plenty trips to the cancer center these past few weeks..
yesterday we were back in good old Clinic F on the first floor to visit with trish's surgeon, dr. stefanie jeffrey, to go over the pre-op plan for this thursday's surgery.

as mentioned before, trish is gonna go with a single mastectomy, and remove the leve1 1 & level 2 lymph nodes. we feel this is the best bet for trish, it will allow her to heal the quicker and get on with radiation. a double at this time would mean more recovery, longer surgery, more nights in the hospital, etc...

so lefty gets to hang around for a few more months.

dr. jeffrey is currently doing a research study on identifying cancer cells and their genes in the blood, and asked if trish would like to contribute her blood to the study... trish was more than happy to do so..
while i cant explain all the specifics of the study, i can tell you when dr. jeffrey called last night, she told trish she did not find any cancer cells in her blood!!! :)

after we left the cancer center, we headed home to pick up caden and bring him to the pediatrician.. the little guy got himself his first ear infection... he has been a little grumpy, and (lack of) sleeping over the last couple nights has been an adventure.

anyhow... caden is taking his meds... mommy is taking her meds... and daddy is looking foward to that cold sierra nevada sitting in the fridge..

after the herceptin is done today, we have a 1:30pm meeting with the anesthesiologist to go over whatever it is that anesthesiologists go over with you before surgery.

anyhoooo... trish has been feeling really, really great.
her energy is coming back, her hair is coming back, her eyebrows are coming back... but the smile has always been there.

she is physically and mentally ready for surgery, and slowly but surely we are getting back to normal around here..

dr. jeffrey believes trish will be able to go home friday, so it will be a short stay (in a private room) at the hospital.
trish's out of town support staff will be rolling into town this weekend..
her sister, yvonne, will be flying in from holland..
college roommates, ginger, is flying up from LA and riley is driving down from sacramento.

trish will be in great hands..

thanks for checking in..


Anonymous said...

the surgery is going to be a breeze. You will bounce back from it in no time. and oak, i hope you have a prescription for those sierra's.

good luck guys!!!


Victoria said...

You are the most amazing family! If it were not for your Mother, Oak, I would not be sitting, day after day reading about you. Some days smiling, some days weeping but always praying for you! You have the prayers and thoughts of many you have never met. We are all blessed to be reading your blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

Trish and Oak,

It was great to run into both of you today. Trish your smile and upbeat attitude it amazing. You will be in everyone's prayers on Thursday. Thank you, Oak, for the continued updates...I always enjoy reading them.

I'm thinking positive good thoughts for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I know you have tons of family support and your sister will be here, but PLEASE do not hesitate to call if you need anything. 650-996-0267

Anonymous said...

Trisha...Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow. I will be thinking about you and forever praying. Your surgery will go well and you will have a successful and speedy recovery.

Staying strong-

I finished chemo :-)...58 days of chemo...it is time for my body to heal.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Oak and Patricia
We are rooting for you today.
Oak thanks for all you reports it is fatastic !!!!
I sent this blog to a friend of ours ,who has breastcancer and going to the chemo etc.right now.She said it is a lot of support for her.So, Oak you are helping other people !!!!
Hope she will be home friday, so your cute little familie will be together.Love Corrie and Hnak