Thursday, November 13, 2008

the update...

11:30am friday update:
im typing this update from home, watching trish hang out in the backyard with caden..

yup.. she is home, and doing great.

the vicodins will take care of the soreness she has, but other than that, she feels really good..

walking, talking, eating, smiling and laughing...

you would never know she got out of surgery last night at 7pm.

its a beautiful day in redwood city... sunny, blue skies, 80 degrees & not a cloud in sight...

a fitting day to be even more cancer free-er...

7:45am friday update:
trish was finally transferred to her room last night around 9:00pm and looked terrific.
she wasn't too groggy from the anesthesia, and aside from being a little sore, she was feeling great.

around 11:00pm we got her out of bed, and took a stroll down the hall. she has good strength, and can move her arm without any problems. didn't have any problems walking, wasn't dizzy, and the anti-nasea medicine they gave her helped ward off any side effects of the anethesia.

trish slept well considering the nurses come in every few hours to take her vitals, but overall it was a really smooth night. she had a pretty good appetite last night and is now looking forward to her breakfast suprise.

dr. jeffrey said she would stop by this morning to check in on trish, and i can only assume that sometime this afternoon she will be discharged.

so everything is good here.. ill post another update later

7:00pm thursday update
dr. jeffrey just came out with a big smile and gave us the update..

trish is out of surgery and she did great.
no complication, no issues, no suprised, everything went smoothly.

surgery ran a little late cause it started late, and dr. jeffrey took her time.

trish is in recovering now, and will be transported over to the hospital in about an hour, and thats when we will be able to see her.

dr. jeffrey still believes trish will be able to go home tommorrow

5:00pm thursday update:

the update is... there is no update..

we haven't heard anything yet

stay tuned

thursday morning update
we arrived at stanford at 11:30am this morning

about noon, trish was brought in for the standard pre-op stuff... gown, iv and most importantly marking the correct breast... right is right in trish's case, but sometimes right is wrong, so you quickly learn to say things like 'correct' and not right..

ria, yvonne, julie, chrissy and myself were all able to spend time with her before she went into the operating room.

about 12:45pm, she was given an anesthesia technique called a parvertebral block, and then brought to the OR.

trish was in really good spirits this morning, and was ready for this.

surgery should have begun around 1pm, and we expect a ~ 3 hour surgery.

she will be in the recovery area for an hour following surgery, and we hope to see her around 5pm after she is transferred to the hospital side of the medical center, and into her private room.

thanks for checking in...
trish really appreciated all the recent comments, cards, phone calls and visits latley. knowing that she has so many people thinking about her is really helping her get through this...

the cancer center's wireless network is currently down, so my access to the blog is limited, but ill try and keep it updated.. i have not heard from any doc or nurse in the past 2.5 hours, and dont expect to hear from anyone until she comes out of surgery..


this morning, right before we left for the hospital


Anonymous said...

Trisha I love you so much, your always in my prayers..dios te bendiga prima.


Anonymous said...

My god she's beautiful!!!!!! What a fab pic before the long day. Been thinking of you all. Know this is going to be a exhausting day. Hugs and kisses. Whenever I could not be with my mom when she was sick I'd tell whoever was with her to give her a big wet one right between the eyes on her forehead. Oak please do the honors, Cath

Your sister! said...

My dearest Sister,
Sitting in the waiting room...
am incredibly happy to be here for you...
just waiting for you to be we can see you!!
lots of love,
hugs and kisses,
very very nearbye!
je grote zus,

Anonymous said...

Trish, Oak and Family,
Have been thinking of you guys all day! Trish, we know you'll do great. You are such a STRONG woman! We love you!!!
the Hairstons :-)

Anonymous said...


You have been in our thoughts all day. Hope everything went as planned and your recovery is a speedy one. We will see you when you come home. Be sure to take it easy Warrior!

Hugs and Kisses from you neighbor
Angel, David ,Steph, Danielle, Natalie, Sophie, Buddy, Sally, Fudge,Sherbert, and Smokey. Had to list everyone, per Natalie's request.

Oak, let us know if you need anything, we're just a few steps away.


olga said...

Trish and Oak you guys are champs!Thinking about you all day today,glad to hear everything went well. Praying for a speedy recovery! Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Trisha...I am soooo glad everything went well :-). You are a true survivor. You will be home before you know it and be able to give lots of love to Caden. Congratulations on completing another hurdle.

Staying strong-

Anonymous said...

Trish...I am so proud of you. Everyday I am amazed by your strength! You are a true hero in my eyes. I am so glad that everything went well and still feel very reassured by your thumbs up and big smile. You are a SURVIVOR!!

Bobby Jo said...

Trisha & Oak,
Claudia has been text messaging me all last night. I couldn't sleep!! I am up now reading your blog with tears in my eyes. We are so proud of you two and so happy this is behind you. So many wonderful years ahead of you-- one big bump in your road of life!
We love you,
Bobby Jo & John

mamafish said...

Good job Trish! I am so glad that everything went so well during surgery. I hope your recovery goes just as well. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So happy that all went well! I suspect a few angels were watching over you & Dr. Jeffrey yesterday...more than usual

Anonymous said...

Oak & Trisha, more hurdle behind you! So happy to hear that everything went well! The two of you are absolutely amazing. Love and hugs from Vicki and the Redwood Valley "gang".

Angie Ramdog Lu said...

Amazing news for an amazing woman and family! I have been reading this blog since day 1 and I have been so impressed by your strength and courage along the way. It's obvious how strong and in love you are. Time for a Sierra! Congratulations to all of you!

Angie Lu (one of Trisha's Trailblazers)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that everything is going so well, you have all been in my thoughts!
From Molly (swanson)

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! So happy you are home and recovering. What an amazing woman you are.
Love to you all
Kim, Robert and Joe

Anonymous said...

Absolutley outstanding news! So darn happy for the entire family. Trish you are quite an inspiration! Enjoy the weekend and relax!

Anonymous said...

WOW! It IS a beautiful day in Redwood City!!! =}

Anonymous said...

Dear Trish, Oak, and Caden,
So happy to know that all went well yesterday. We thought about you and prayed for you all day!! Sending big HUGS from Rocklin.
Shab, Keith, Shireen, and Gregory

Bonnie Maffei said...

Trish and Oak, we are so happy for you both. What a remarkable family. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. God does listen!!! :) Thinking of you lots.

Love, The Maffei's

Anonymous said...

wow, home in less than 24 hours! T. your a rock star! hope you continue to feel well and the ca weather is on your side. hugs and kisses to all, cath

Anonymous said...

So happy things seem to be going well - take it easy, rest and let everyone care for you..... I'm here if you need ANYTHING!
Love and prayers,