Monday, November 3, 2008

the beginning of a hectic week...

tommorrow morning is trish's surgery for her double mastectomy.

we have decided the best course of treatment for trish is to remove both, and have tissue expanders placed AFTER radiation. this will result in one additional surgery for the tissue expanders a month or so after radiation, but we feel it will give the best results in terms of radiation effectiveness.

priority #1 is trish's long term health.

so tommorrow, we will be checking in for pre-op at 6am, with surgery beginning around 7am and scheduled for 3 hours. the doc said expect two nights in the hospital, but she might go home after 1 night, depending on how she is doing..

today we have our hands full.

at 11:00am, we have a meeting at the cancer center for a research study on lymphedema that trish will be a part of. lymphedema is a possible side affect when lymph nodes are removed. today is basically a meeting to get trish's pre-surgery baseline.

at 12:00pm, we are meeting with dr. jeffery to go over the plan for tomorrow morning's surgery.

at 2:00pm, trish is scheduled to get pumped full of some radioactive stuff

at 4:00pm, trish will have a scan done to get some pictures of her lymph node system, thus the need for the radioactive juice two hours earlier..

so... we are leaving home shortly to head to palo alto. ill try and leave some updates a little bit later..

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Anonymous said...

Trish, wishing you all the very very best for tomorrow. Another huge step. It's been a heck of a week - from enjoying the news of the great results with a tad relaxation and planning to hitting the fast forward again. You'll be in my thoughts.