Thursday, November 6, 2008

the plan going forward...

so we heard from trish's surgical oncologist, dr. stephanie jeffrey, last night.

as you know, dr. jeffrey, dr. carlson and dr. horst met yesterday to discuss trish's situation. since monday, the doctors have pooled their resources and discussed trish's case with other oncologists at major cancer centers around the united states.

the feedback was unanimous...

based on trish's diagnosis, age and the fact that she has the little guy at home, all the oncologists concurred they all want what is best for her long term health.

what is best is what we have know all along...
a mastectomy of her right side and removal of the first and second level lymph nodes.

trish has surgery scheduled for next thursday, a week from today. she will have a single mastectomy at that time, as well as lymph nodes removed.

5 weeks of radiation will follow a month or so later after she has had time to heal.

the reconstruction process will be begin after she has recovered from radiation.

the first step of reconstruction will be to remove her left breast, and place tissue expanders in both the right and left sides at that time.

several months later, there will be another surgery for artificial implants.

our emotions have been bounced around like ping pong balls lately, but in the end, this doesn't differ from what we had already prepared ourselves for had surgery been this past tuesday.

dr. jeffrey didn't give us any false hope, and i applaud her for thinking outside the box, and questioning "the norm".

it helps reinforce the decision we had already made, when trish's doctors take the time to think about her specific situation, and discuss it with other oncologists at other institutions to formulate plan tailored to her needs, and not come up with a plan "just because that is the way its always been done" .

although we may have wished for a different plan,
this does not change the fact that TRISH IS CANCER FREE.


Anonymous said...

Difficult as it must have been, I'm sure you have made the right decision.
Love, Steph

mamafish said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful team that is doing the best to treat Trish as an individual and not a number. That is priceless in modern medicine. While I am sure that this is tough tough step in the treatment plan, I can only hope that with it you are so much closer to closure. Take time this next week to rest and enjoy your family time. I will be thinking of you.

olga said...

Trisha and Oak, My prayers are with you and I believe you both along with all the doctors are doing the right thing.

The G Family said...

I am so happy to hear there is a plan in place, although having personally been there, I know it is a very difficult decision to make. You are absolutely right though, she is cancer free and this will help her to also move forward somewhat "worry free". I have had this surgery and I know everyone is unique but she will do wonderful and once she has the "new ones" in place I think she will be very pleased with her decision. Best of luck to Trish on Thursday, I will be thinking about her!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish,
What a roller coaster! I will be thinking of you next Thursday.
lot of love and a big hug,

Anonymous said...

You guys have been through it all! I hope the bright side to this delay and change of plans will help you both have no regrets in the future! I have a friend who has battled breast cancer now 3times. It took the 3rd diagnosis before she had a double masectomy. Everyone was into breast conservation(including her). Now at 46 & 6 years out, looking back she is convinced she could have saved herself 2 extra rounds of chemo/radiation if she opted for the double to begin with. She now calls breasts "toxic waste tissue". Though that is dramatic, I must say she's got the best bussoms of any 46 year old I know. Trish you have responded so well, I know you won't go down the same road as my friend did. You have kicked Cancers ass!!! Now you just got to finish the battle so there's no chance of reoccurance. In a year I'll come visit we can have a few and show off the new sisters. (oh ya your not like me) Cath

Anonymous said...

Trish, Cerena and I support your decision to do what is best for the long term! Thanks Oak for being trisha's "rock" and always looking out for the best possible solutions. We love you both!

Anonymous said...

Blessings, love & prayers to you & the family.